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we open new world

It's our Story

Our team based in created 4 years ago Elarium Entertainment, which developed the Star Elevation. This is a cool browser-based sci-fi MMO. 

Two years later, we reformed and founded the SKYSTATION.RED as a developer, but rather as a publisher.

Our first project – County Stories. First released in Play Market – survival Cops. And the first game on Steam – My Game City.

At the moment we are working with 7 games and are ready for new challenges.

Heroes of our team
Large universes

We makes new worlds

We are a Ukrainian Studio that developed mobile and PC games. We work with Action, Top Down Shoter, Strategy and Tower Defence. All of our games we do with great love in Unity 3D. The flagship project is My Game City and a series of LAST-games.


We publish best games

We are the Ukrainian publisher of PC and mobile games with two year history. Before we worked in other studios and projects. Our team has extensive experience with projects with a large audience. Our community managers worked with projects 500.000+ players. We know how to work with the audience, understand the intricacies of promotion and used his experience for the success of the project.

We know the market of indie games and are willing to be a reliable partner in his conquest. All you need is to send your project and we will contact you!

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